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Yintai Land Group

is primarily engaged in comprehensive commercial real estate development and operations, comprising expansion, planning and design, development and construction, investment, and operations management, among others. It is committed to the development and management of large urban complexes including high-end shopping centers, top hotels, high-end offices and high-end residential property, among others. A leading player in China’s high-end commercial real estate market, Yintai Land Group's real estate brands, “Yintai Centre”, “Yintai City” and “Top-class hotels and apartments” have a presence in more than 70 cities nationwide including Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou and Chengdu. To date, projects completed and under construction number approximately 100, with total development and operating GFA at close to 20 million square meters. Representative projects include Beijing Yintai Centre, Chengdu Yintai Centre, Yintai in77 and Qiandao Lake Yintai City, among others.
Yintai Land Group adheres closely to local urban regional planning when developing its real estate projects around the country. Highlighting a city’s characteristics, it brings together shopping centers, offices and high-end housing, and seamlessly integrates commerce with business, retail, entertainment and fashionable living, enabling a one-stop lifestyle for local cities.

    Yintai Centre

    Urban Cover Landmark

    Yintai Centre is a high-end, luxurious landmark urban complex situated in first-tier cities or key provincial capitals with an area ranging from 300,000 to 700,000㎡. It is a collection of luxury hotels, top-class lavish apartments, international top shopping centers and Super-A office buildings. The two landmark projects of Yintai Centre, Beijing Yintai Centre and Chengdu Yintai Centre, are already a city card containing high-grade business, leisure, life and entertainment.

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  • Yintai City

    Creator of a One-Stop Lifestyle

    Positioned as a high-end, multifunctional, compound urban complex sized 300,000㎡ or larger, Yintai City is an assembly of a shopping center, a hotel, an office building and homes. Over 40 Yintai Cities ongoing or underway across China open up a new, one-stop lifestyle for local cities by integrating commerce with business, consumption, entertainment and fashion life.

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    Top-Class Hotels and Apartments

    Creator of Top-Class Life and Service

    As a business of property development and operation, Yintai Group has participated in the investment, and owns, many boutique hotels which are managed by Hyatt, Hilton, Marriot or Starwood. Besides, we have also developed condos, luxury and high-end apartments to accommodate different high-end customers.

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