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Compliance and governance
Yintai Group has a solid foundation in governance, and will continue to improve its digital and intelligent management standards. It will ensure that its business operations are compliant with the law, and will regard good corporate governance as the cornerstone of sound, stable and sustainable corporate development.
Serving the real economy
By adopting innovative models, Yintai Group will continue to explore and grow, and produce differentiated breakthroughs. It will help enhance the urban retail scene, enrich industry and market imagination, and continue to grow with the city.
Enduring quality
“Multiple brands, diverse types of business activities and creating experiential consumption” is one of Yintai Group’s corporate tenet. It will continue to bring together global brands, improve service quality, and optimize consumer experience so that people’s aspirations for the good life may be met on an ongoing basis.
Talent development
Yintai Group has a people-oriented talent philosophy, and regards its employees as the core asset of corporate development. It has built a comprehensive career development platform for its employees, and ensures that the rights and interests of its staff are fully guaranteed. It aims to grow with its employees.
Green and low-carbon
Yintai Group has actively responded to the national green development strategy, and advocates energy conservation, emission reduction, sustainability and environmental protection. It adheres to a low-carbon operation, and develops green buildings and eco-friendly malls. It also promotes green office, supports ecological and environmental conservation projects, and practices the green development concept in all respects.
Yintai Group hopes to use Yintai Foundation as the platform to promote social progress. By adopting an innovative public interest model, it uses concrete action to show how Yintai people are steadfast in and undertake social responsibility in the areas of ecological and environmental conservation, rural revitalization, emergency disaster relief, and public interest education.