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A Representation of Professional High-End Commercial Operation

“in” is a new high-end commercial brand of Yintai Group managed by Beijing Yusheng Commercial Management Consulting Co., Ltd. with respect to investment, operating, design and marketing. Absorbing the high-quality commercial resources and operational management capability of Yintai Group, “in” owns four commercial projects: Beijing Yintai Centre in01, Hangzhou Hubin Yintai in77, Beijing Wangfujing Yintai in88 and Chengdu Yintai Centrein99. Each of these projects incorporates the in concept that "Realizing true elegance" while presenting their own features and personalities.

The Yintai brand “in” originates from our pursuit of quality and respect for the inside. It retains the gene that has fostered all the other brands of Yintai Commercial while at the same time returns to its simplest and purest kernel. Coming next will be a decade when Chinese consumers redefine luxury and fashion. The ever-growing Yintai in will continue to accompany consumers and further creates shopping experience upholding independent life aesthetics.
  • Beijing Yintai Centre

    A Paradigm of Delicacy and Elegance
    Located at the CBD core, Beijing Yintai Centre in01 represents a high-end shopping center integrating ideas and arts and, more importantly, a destination piloting trend and customization. It is not only home to some 60 international brands and designer brands like Hermès and Chrome Hearts, but also houses Lane Crawford Concept Store, Dolce & Gabbana and Cartier Beijing Flagship Store. It launched in SPORTS, in KIDS and other cross-brand cooperation projects that cater the current consumer demand for sports and parenting. in01 also provides one-to-one companionship and home-keeping "Gold Key" service for VIPs, bringing them high-quality new lifestyle and shopping experience, and interpreting what is meant by elegant "in-style" service.
  • Hangzhou Hubin Yintai

    Classic Depiction of Chinese-Western Cultures and Landscapes
    Located in the business commercial and tourist area in Hangzhou, it is the only multifunctional compound urban complex on the West Lake. Architecturally, in77 retains the special arcades, gray brick and other Jiangnan-style design elements which, when interacting with the international brand flagship stores, form a wonderful collision between the Chinese and Western cultures. A combination of fashion, arts, architecture and culture creates a public space where consumption becomes an experience of enjoyment and relaxation.
  • Beijing Wangfujing Yintai

    Perfect Combination of Classic Culture with Young Dynamics
    Fully upgraded in 2013, located in the centuries-long Wangfujing Street of Beijing, it is home to many world-famous designers and top brands like Cartier, Prada and Burberry. in88 is devoted to making a new-concept, high-end shopping center integrating fashion frontier and taste trend arts to create perfect integration between the old local charm of the place with modern delicacy and elegance.
  • Chengdu Yintai Centre

    Perfect Carrier of an All-Customer International Lifestyle
    Located in the CBD of Chengdu Hi-tech District Financial City, it covers a floor area of 190,000㎡. A joint venture among six of the world's best design companies BENOY, CALLISON, SAKO, YABUPUSHELBERG, AECOM and ISOMETRIX, in99 advocates perfect enjoyment of combining arts, culture, nature and shopping together, and represents a perfect carrier of an all-customer international lifestyle encompassing international boutiques, fashion, cosmetics, large boutique supermarkets, style dining, cinemas, life's flavor commercial blocks and rooftop gardens. All-inclusive and in orderly arrangement, it advocates perfect enjoyment of combining arts, culture, nature and shopping.