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  • Amassing legislative wisdom, nurturing legislative talent
    In 2019, Yintai Foundation donated RMB 2.5 million to Zhejiang University Education Foundation to support the establishment and development of Zhejiang University Institute of Legislation , Legislation Research Institution of Zhejiang, demonstrating its commitment to building a nationwide high ground for legislation research and a base for developing such talent.
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  • Implementation of three key energy conservation measures to benefit green development strategy
    Yintai Group has further promoted energy conservation and emission reduction by carrying out three key measures, namely, direct power supply reform, building an energy digital intelligence management platform, and an energy saving and environmental protection contest. In 2023, it will purchased about 120GWh of green electricity, and reduce carbon emission by 78,780 tonnes.
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  • Revitalize assets to kick-start SME development
    Debt restructuring, asset consolidation, and bankruptcy reorganization are just some of the methods Jiangxi Ruijing Financial Asset Management Co. has implemented to better serve the real economy, providing solutions for financial institutions, helping SMEs overcome difficulties, and boosting local development.
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  • Promoting refined operations and adhering to sustainable development
    Beijing Yintai Centre Yintai Office Tower was awarded LEED-EB O+M v4.1 certification in October 2022, attesting to Beijing Yintai Centre’s high standards in energy conservation, environmental protection, and comfort; this is the highest recognition for a world leading green and low-carbon building.
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